Workload Analysis

Measure your effort, without the expenditure

Task Analysis software makes the process straightforward with its simple, customisable interface. Improve your team’s performance by managing workloads, keeping your productivity levels up without overtime or burnout. 

Two workers in hard hats looking at Task Analysis diagram

Customise the interface

Use colours to indicate low-, medium- and high-output demand ratings.

Identify demands

Track and communicate the workload measures, ensuring fairness across your team.

Predict and Plan

Assess your existing operation, see where and when your workload changes and predict future operations.

Use Table to add new task

More than just a diagram

Each task performed by a user can have a unique effect on the overall goal. Plan for these to be documented with Task Analysis using the intuitive and collaborative drag and drop feature. 

Bring barriers to life

Use the table column feature to showcase vital information. Add an owner, showcase its status and monitor its performance.

Visualise Risk Profile

A customisable risk matrix builder allows you to qualitatively assess risks.

Customise your Table

Choose from free-text, drop down list or date field. Show and hide information as necessary.

Simple, Customisable, Collaborative

Build and share diagrams that effectively communicate what you want it to.

Straightforward and intuitive

Point and click. Drag and drop. No technical skills required to build.

Access from anywhere

Task Analysis is cloud-based and is access from your web browser. Access from anywhere and no installation required.

Share a snapshot

Download a diagram as an image, activate its share link or embed a live image onto a website or SharePoint.

Get connected

Task Analysis allows you to truly integrate task processes into your management system. With our API you can connect to software including Power BI, SAP and Power Automate.

Build dashboards

Seamlessly connect and build dashboards in Power BI or connect to SAP using our API.


Automatically update tasks from outside Task Analysis.

Contact barrier owners

You can setup automations including making task owners aware of updates to their tasks.

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