What is Task Analysis?

Task analysis describes and analyses the physical and mental activities required by a person(s) to achieve a particular goal. It involves the capturing of all relevant tasks and subtasks usually in a hierarchical fashion.  Task analysis software is an easy-to-use task management application that helps you define and visually depict your workflows clearly.




  • Describe a particular goal, and the steps taken to achieve it
  • Visualise the steps by dragging & dropping on to the diagram
  • Change and re-arrange to organise steps in the correct order
  • Work in line with good practice by adding customisable details



Use Task Analysis software to find the potential for human failures


A task analysis is a detailed description of how to achieve a specific goal. It captures all relevant tasks and subtasks in a hierarchical fashion, from the overarching goal down to the smallest subtask.


The purpose of task analysis is to identify the different steps involved in performing a task, but also any associated mental activities (e.g., thinking) and physical activities (e.g., moving). Task analysis typically involves attending to the following:


  1. Process steps: A step is defined as something you do at one time (e.g., answer telephone calls), whereas an action refers to something you do repeatedly (e.g., answer telephone calls every day).
  2. Mental activities: Mental activities include thinking, planning, remembering, deciding, problem solving and so on. These are sometimes referred to as cognitive processes because they involve mental effort or cognition. For example, when we look at our watch while driving it signals us that we are running late for an appointment so we need to think of the fastest route to get us there on time.

3 ways to add new task to your Task Analysis diagram


Task Analysis software drag and drop function

A flexible, drag and drop interface makes it easy to construct and understand task analysis models


Task Analysis speeds up all the steps involved in creating a task analysis diagram from start to finish. With the flexible, drag and drop interface constructing the diagram takes minutes, instead of hours or days. Add, change, move and delete each task sequence makes creating task analysis diagrams quick and easy. You can replicate a whole series of tasks, and move them around the diagram by dragging the branch.


Do you always use the same framework? Save your diagram as a template to save yourself time.



How To Save a Diagram


Task Analysis interface with diagram and table view


Visualise your process steps in a table or diagram


Task Analysis software allows you to create task analysis diagrams with different layouts. You can choose between two different ways of visualising the tasks: either in a table or as a hierarchy of boxes connected by lines (a hierarchical tree). When working with the hierarchical tree, you can show or hide the task levels as necessary. The table view shows further information with drop downs or additional text can be shown or hidden. Showing the steps with numbers makes it easier to see the sequence of tasks as they are moved around, this feature is optional on the hierarchical tree.



Customise Your View


Table settings with customisable column colours and names


Customise to your hearts content


We know everyone creates task analysis diagrams slightly differently… Task Analysis software is fully customiseable to your industry or organisation – including terminology, colours, drop down list selection, hyperlinks, attachments, date requirements, with the choice of showing or hiding table columns.



Add and customise Task Analysis Table Settings



Summary: Task analysis is helpful for describing and analysing the physical and mental activities

See the goal in clear, step-by-step items with additional information which is used to complete the task

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