Safety Critical Task Analysis

Prevent, detect, control, mitigate and recover

Task Analysis helps you visualise your Precondition, Goal and hierarchy of steps all while being able to customise to suit your needs. Task steps can be dragged and dropped into place and rearranged as needed. Move between graphical and table view Task Analysis with a simple click.

Woman inspecting wires of machine

Reduce time consuming and cumbersome diagram creating

Help drive safety improvement activity and safety planning.

Update existing Task Analysis diagrams fast

Add new tasks to existing diagrams by drag and drop. Share using the live link to your team immediately.

Collaborate and engage

Task Analysis provides an intuitive and simple way to workshop tasks with all areas of the business.

Table settings with customisable column colours and names

More than just a diagram

Add more information and context to your diagram in the table format. Add and Edit tasks and subtasks, customise relevant information about the task to what you need.

Bring tasks to life

Use the table columns to bring the most important aspects of the task to life. Add an owner, risk attribute, comments, date and more.

Communicate the Task

Download the Task information as an easy to use Excel file. Easily add this to documentation and reports.

Choose your columns

Select what information you need for you task with fully customisable columns as free-text, drop down lists and date fields.

Simple, customisable, collaborative

Build and share diagrams that effectively communicate the task at hand. Add information specific to you with the customisable table. 

Straightforward and intuitive

Point and click. Drag and drop. No technical skills required to build.

Access from anywhere

Task Analysis is cloud-based and is access from your web browser. Access from anywhere and no installation required.

Share a snapshot

Download a diagram as an image, activate its share link or embed a live image onto a website or SharePoint.

Get connected

Task Analysis allows you to truly integrate task processes into your management system. With our API you can connect to software including Power BI, SAP and Power Automate.

Build dashboards

Seamlessly connect and build dashboards in Power BI or connect to SAP using our API.


Automatically update tasks from outside Task Analysis.

Contact Task owners

You can setup automations including making task owners aware of updates to their tasks.

How could Task Analysis make your life easier?