3 Ways to Add a New Task

Add a New Task in 3 Steps

Task Analysis is a flexible, drag and drop interface that makes it easy to understand each step in a procedure. Share with others via a web link or download as an image for adding to documents and presentations. Visualise your process steps in a table or diagram.

1. Drag and Drop

The easiest way to build your Task Analysis diagram is to take the “New Task” from the left hand and drag it on to the main diagram. A grey drop zone show you where you can add the New Task.


You can continue to drag and drop under the goal or the other tasks on the diagram

Drag and Drop new task to diagram

2. Use Tab to add a Subtask

Double click the Task you want to add a subtask to, press tab, and a new subtask will appear below the task on the diagram. Use Tab to build out more steps in your diagram

Use Tab to Add a New Task to Diagram


3. Add Subtask from the Table

Use the ellipse “…” to add a subtask whilst working in the table. This option add a subtask below the row you are working in. You can continue the process steps and adding more information.

Use Table to add new task